Taking Control of Our Lives during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This isn’t the blog I intended to begin with when I started planning my website. COVID-19 hijacked my blog just like it has come into all of our lives, with no real warning and no sympathy for the things that were scattered along the wayside. How’s that for a beginning to a blog that is designed to promote growth mindset and well-being? :)

However, all is not lost! Though we are anxious about the potential for loss in our lives, loss has always been there. Now, it’s out in the open with a name, but from the day we were born it was hiding along our paths with equally scary names: cancer, car wreck, terrorism, school shooting. You see, we’ve always been faced with loss and death. We are anxious now because we feel like it is closer or that we have lost control over our lives, but those are only thoughts. And this is the real beauty in the situation—we get to decide our thoughts. Do you want to believe that you have control over your situation right now? Good news; you do! You get to decide how you show up for yourself and your family and/or friends!

Today, I decided I would spend time in thoughtful discussion with some of my college students about their final projects. They are worried about all of the changes they’ve had to endure on such short notice, and I took some extra time to work with a couple of them. That was a way I was proud to show up. I also yelled at my 6-year-old for not letting me get my work done. It wasn’t his fault that he has the energy of a 6-year-old and no way to direct it right now. That was not a way I was proud to show up. Bu