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Team Training Services

When you choose to work with me, you are securing my knowledge of team-building strategy and support structures, my skill of diagnosing what (and who) is not working at its peak potential in your teams, and my expertise in coaching your team members to higher levels of achievement. 


I will assess the current working habits of your teams, pinpoint their strengths and their pain points, and help them implement processes to increase their job satisfaction and productivity. Investing in your teams can reduce turnover allowing you to retain top talent and increase your market value. 


Over the last 30 years, I have taught team-building and collaborative writing at universities across the South and Mid-Atlantic and lead my own team as a manager in a Fortune 500 company and an academic department chair. 


If your teams aren't producing at the highest level, you aren't servicing your customers as well as you could be, and you're not creating the value and the revenue that is possible.  


I look forward to discussing all of the ways I can help you create more efficient and effective teams. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Team?

If you’re ready to change the dynamics of your employee interactions and get a renewed sense of productivity and purpose in your team, drop your contact information below, and let's discuss the details of how to get these valuable tools in the hands of your team.  

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