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Are You Acting from Fear or Intuition?

Recently, I was coaching a client on her thought that she needed to speak up at every meeting to believe she is over her imposter syndrome.

During our session, she realized that sometimes she doesn’t need or want to speak up for very good reasons, and she is actually really good at reading the room and knowing when to speak up.

This ability to “read the room” is our intuition. We all have it deep down in our bodies. But the noise of our lives and our fears often drowns it out.

Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and high-functioning anxiety all make our bodies buzz with fear. If you get still and quiet, you will feel a tense, tightening of your muscles at different places in your body when you are acting from fear or anxiety. Mine occurs most often in my hands, my neck, and my hips. Where do you feel fear and anxiety? Do you know?

Intuition is the opposite of fear. When we get still and listen to our intuition, it is a gentle softening of our bodies. We can feel our tense muscles relax because intuition is trust and honesty. Intuition leads us to authenticity and peace.

Practice getting still and listening to your body with a decision you are trying to make. It can be any decision, but if this is a new practice for you, it might be easier to notice the differences if it is a higher-stakes decision. Listen first to the fear and notice where your body tenses or may be already tense. Make a note of where your body is tense. It’s good to keep a record or where your body is holding tension because this can explain certain ailments; it can also create awareness. You may become aware that you are clinching the steering wheel and making your hands ache before you realize you are stressed about an upcoming meeting at work.

When you first attempt to listen to your intuition, your brain may offer up a thought that you don’t know what your intuition has to say or that it doesn’t have anything to say. This is common, so don’t give up. It’s just the fear in your brain throwing a toddler fit so it doesn’t have to change.

Put on some relaxing focus music and get still in a comfortable place. Take several deep, cleansing breaths in and out and listen to your body. What is it telling you as it relaxes into the moment? That is your intuition. That is your authentic self speaking to you.

If you want help learning to hear your intuition and trusting yourself to always know the right answer, email me now at There are several ways you can up-level your life by working with me.

You are the answer to your imposter syndrome. You are what you need to end your perfectionism and find peace in your family and career. I would be honored to be your guide on this amazing journey.

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