Taking Control of My Thoughts

Today, I’m going to be real with you, dear readers! I’m currently frustrated with my weight loss journey. I’m halfway to goal, and I’m sitting here in my frustration rather than working the plan. This is what happens to us in life so often. We have a goal that we’re working toward, but somewhere along the way, we get distracted, take our eyes off the ultimate goal, and we lose track of what we want so badly. For me, and probably many of you, I rationalize by saying something like, “Well, smart people just get bored easily and get stale in a routine …” It’s a great all-purpose excuse because it somehow seems reasonable to me, but when I’m forced to confront it, I realize the ridiculousness of the statement. In reality, smart people focus and get to work when the job gets tough; we don’t backtrack simply because we’ve lost motivation.

Somewhere along the way, our culture has decided that we need to find our motivation, also widely known as our passion and/or our Muse, in order to be inspired enough to achieve the difficult things in life. This is an unfortunate lie. It’s so easy to believe because we know how good that motivation feels and how productive we can be when we have it, but motivation doesn’t come first. Motivation is merely a feeling. Passion is a feeling. They come not from some divine inspiration but from a thought that we generate in our minds. When we lose our motivation, it’s because we have replaced that original thought with a new one that doesn’t create motivation. For me, I think it’s something like, “I’m bored with only eating when I’m hungry. I deserve to eat when I want to eat.” That is definitely not a thought that inspires feelings of motivation around weight loss!