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Renewing Our Spirits

Over the last several weeks, I have noticed a lighter feeling that usually comes as the daylight stretches longer and the trees and buttercups begin to bloom. The renewal of Spring has set in, and this year I feel it even more because we have received our first dose of the Covid vaccine and my parents and grandmother are completely vaccinated. I know our world will soon be opening up again. It's amazing how heavy the burden of Covid has weighed on me--on us all. This morning, I journaled on the renewal of spirit I am feeling and how I am going to use this renewal to improve my world in the upcoming days and weeks. I listed goals for a week from now, a month from now, and two months from now.

Renewal is an important concept in our culture. We have it at the beginning of a new year, when spring follows winter, and even our birthdays or anniversaries can be a time of renewal. These moments offer us a new beginning and the feeling of a clean start. People often start their diets on a Monday because it is the start of a new week.

But we don’t have to wait for a special time to feel a renewal of spirit and set new goals. We can decide at any moment that we are going to change our old habits or go after a new goal. A renewal requires nothing more than deciding we are going to make the best decision we can make, starting now.

· You can talk to your boss about that promotion today.

· You can make a new friend today.

· You can wait until you’re hungry to eat and eat only enough.

· You can begin journaling right now.

Do you have goals that you are working toward? If not, why not make now your moment?!? Take some time to think about what you want to accomplish as we move into a post-Covid society. Don't rush in unprepared. Plan where you want to be a week from now, a month from, and so on!

But as you’re making a plan, don’t forget to take time to feel the gratitude of getting to experience this renewal. May we all appreciate and revel in it! Until next week, much love!

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