Renewing Our Spirits

Over the last several weeks, I have noticed a lighter feeling that usually comes as the daylight stretches longer and the trees and buttercups begin to bloom. The renewal of Spring has set in, and this year I feel it even more because we have received our first dose of the Covid vaccine and my parents and grandmother are completely vaccinated. I know our world will soon be opening up again. It's amazing how heavy the burden of Covid has weighed on me--on us all. This morning, I journaled on the renewal of spirit I am feeling and how I am going to use this renewal to improve my world in the upcoming days and weeks. I listed goals for a week from now, a month from now, and two months from now.

Renewal is an important concept in our culture. We have it at the beginning of a new year, when spring follows winter, and even our birthdays or anniversaries can be a time of renewal. These moments offer us a new beginning and