Practicing Gratitude

After what has been an exhausting year for many of us, the holidays have suddenly descended on us. How are you thinking about them? Are you welcoming them with open arms, or are they just one more thing on your very full to-do list?

For me, the holidays this year are an opportunity for normalcy. Maybe that’s too optimistic, but that’s how I’m approaching them. I am also choosing to feel gratitude for these final months of 2020, even before I know how they are going to turn out. As I am writing this, I don’t know how the US election has turned out; I don’t know how Thanksgiving or Christmas will look with COVID and family who are high-risk and don’t need exposure to our usual get-togethers; I don’t know how things might go if we are together with family members with whom we have strained relationships. However, I do know I am already practicing gratitude for all of it, no matter how it all turns out.