Peace on Earth

I’m a day late in posting this blog because early on Christmas morning in Nashville, TN someone drove their RV to the AT&T Comm Center downtown, and after giving everyone an evacuation warning, set off a bomb inside the RV, crippling internet and phone service for many of us in the middle Tennessee area. I had decided to blog on this topic prior to these events, but it seems even more poignant now.

Several years ago, when I was going through a difficult holiday season, I wrote the following words,

I used to think of the wish for peace on earth as a wish for an end to wars and civil unrest around the world, and while I still wish for large-scale peace in a time of war, I now understand the wish for peace on earth is a wish for peace in each of our hearts and minds—a wish for an end to the pain and hatred and bitterness that can build up due to our shortcomings as mere mortals. Tonight, I wish fo