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Overestimate Yourself!

If you have listened to me or coached with me for very long, you have probably heard me drop the statistic that generally women have to feel 100% qualified to apply for a job while men only have to feel 70% qualified to apply for a job.

This statistic sits at the core of my work. How many capable, qualified women are sitting on the sidelines of their lives because they don’t feel 100% qualified? Are you one of these women?

If you are, it’s time to start overestimating yourself!

I’m sure your first question is, “How do I do that, Sonya? If I knew how, I would have already done it!”

Ladies, the key to overestimating yourself and living the life of your dreams is to change the thoughts you’re having about yourself. That’s it!

Think about the men who feel 70% qualified. What do you think their thought is when they apply for a job? I promise you those men are not focused on the 30%. They believe that they are qualified enough to do the job, and they can figure out the rest.

You aren’t putting yourself out there because you don’t choose to believe you can figure out the rest, and yet, how many times a day do you figure something out? How many things have you figured out in your lifetime? In order to overestimate yourself, you must practice the thought that you are qualified enough and you can figure out the rest.

Believing in yourself is so powerful. It is truly life-changing. Over the next few weeks, I’m devoting my blog to specific actions you can take to learn to overestimate yourself. These are the same steps I work with when I coach my clients, so sharpen your pencil, get out your journal, and let’s learn to overestimate ourselves! Until next week, much love!

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