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Moving Past Our Roadblocks

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." Anais Nin

Often in life we face seemingly impassable road blocks. Maybe we feel like we’re not making enough money to sustain us; maybe we want to do something that requires a degree or certification we don’t have; maybe we want to lose weight or stop drinking or overspending.

In the moment, we feel defeated and insufficient. The situation seems impossible to overcome. We feel overshadowed by this giant obstacle keeping us from achieving our ultimate goal. Have you felt this despair? We all have at some point, so I feel sure you have too. How do you deal with the roadblocks in your life? Do you attack them with courage or settle for staying where you are?

You can choose to be happy in either decision because happiness is created from a thought we have about the circumstance, but you can also be happy with where you are and still want more. That’s where courage comes into play!

When we decide on courage, we are deciding on action, but we are also deciding on fear, overwhelm, doubt, and many other indulgent emotions that will come along with courage for the ride if we allow them. In fact, most of the time, courage is only necessary because our brain is screaming at us that this new idea isn’t safe, or it’s too late to go back to school, or we can’t risk the paycheck we currently have to go after more. Why does this happen?

Our brains like to be efficient, and they are most efficient when the habit part of our brain is running the show. It takes energy to learn new things and take risks. Our brains perceive this use of its energy as a threat, so it throws up all of the feelings to stop us. However, you can still overcome all of these mental objections with your courage!

The largest lives are the ones lived courageously. When you are presented with a roadblock, your amazing brain can find a solution to overcoming that roadblock if you direct it to do so. The solution will probably feel scary at first, and your brain will produce 1000 logical objections to it, but trust yourself to know when your brain’s objections are realistic and when they are merely an attempt to stay in your comfort zone.

Growth comes from exercise and discomfort. That is true for your physical body, and it’s true for your brain as well. With the right exercise, you will be able to move that roadblock out of your way! If you want some help, sign up for a free session with me to develop a plan. Until then, much love!

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