Life Coaching vs Therapy

I’m taking time today to answer a few questions I often get asked when people find out I’m a life coach. What is the difference in life coaching and therapy? When and why should I hire a life coach?

In our society, most people have experience with or understand the concept of traditional therapy. Though it exists in many forms, therapy generally asks the patient to look into their past to find the source of their current problems. Therapy can have an amazing benefit for people, especially those who may also need medical intervention for depression, etc, (life coaching is never a substitute for therapy when treating a mental illness). Fewer people have experience with life coaching even though life coaching is appropriate for most adults. Although it is gaining in popularity, it is not as well-known as therapy. I predict that as people begin to understand the benefit good coaching can have on all aspects of their lives, it will become as popular as gym memberships, but