Effort + Focus + Faith

The creator and founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK also created a formula for putting together a successful business. Effort x Focus x Faith = Success. Seems simple enough, right? But you have to start playing with the numbers. If on any given day, you give only a half effort (50%), half focus, and have half faith, you only get 12.5% chance of success. 80% of each ingredient gives you 51.2% chance of success. 90% of each finally gets you into a “passing” chance of success with 72.8%. You have to give higher than 90% of each element to really make your odds excellent.

I hope I didn’t lose you in all the math, but I think the lesson learned from it is worth the number crunching. First, let’s talk about the elements he chose for the formula. Effort is the easy one. Most everyone would agree that a successful business, a long-term goal, or anything else worth having, comes from effort, hard work and everything that it entails. If I am trying to lose weight, I have to put in the effort. A successful marriage takes effort. So effort is the no-brainer.

Focus is interesting. Focus is the ability to stay on task, and it is more difficult in today’s society than it used to be. Technology threatens our focus every day. Children threaten our focus. It’s easy to let millions of little things threaten our focus, but without focus, our effort has no target. I can work at 100%, but without focus, it will never mean anything. Without focus, my effort takes a shotgun approach and is scattered across the sky. I might as well not even put forth the effort.

Faith. Faith seems like the o