Becoming Future-Focused

I’ve been in a bit of rut this last week. Sometimes, I let myself get overwhelmed with all that’s going on in my work, my life, the current events, etc, etc, etc. It can feel like a lot when I allow it. Today, I was canning squash relish alone in my kitchen. It was the first time I have been alone to do anything recently, and I was enjoying it immensely and letting my mind ponder various thoughts. I am an only child, and time alone to think is very precious to me. I love my big, loud, rowdy family more than anything, but Solitude is my favorite gift.

I digress …

Anyway, I was canning and thinking, and I realized that some of my recent funk was because I wasn’t believing in myself and my ability to grasp a goal I had set for myself. I wasn’t believing in my ability because every sentence running through my brain started with, “I never …” I was looking at my past to find evidence for my success, and it wasn’t there because, “I never …” It was a lightbulb moment. Of course, “I never.” If I had done this before, I wouldn’t be attempting it now!

How often do we let go of a goal or dream because we have never accomplished it before? How often do we give up on something because it doesn’t seem possible compared to what we have done t