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Are you ready to take Massive Action?

When I was in my PhD program, people often came into the program, completed the first two years of course work, took their comprehensive exams, but never wrote their dissertations. I couldn’t understand how someone could get so far into something and just quit … until I got there. The classes and exams were a structured environment we completed with our peers, but the dissertation was something we did all by ourselves. If your dissertation director wasn’t good about nudging you and encouraging you when you needed it, it was easy to just disappear, and a fair number of people did. I was lucky because I had a great director who put me on a schedule and held me to it, but I also did the work and wanted to reach the finish line. It had been my goal since I was 12 years old to get that degree, and I wasn’t about to let a little thing like a dissertation keep me from it.

That illustration is the difference between passive action and massive action. Most of us take passive action on a regular basis. We consume media, take a class, sit in a meeting. But how often do we take MASSIVE action? Massive action is creating something and sticking with it until it is complete. Joining a weight-loss group is passive action. Creating a plan and losing all of the weight you planned is massive action. Signing up for a 5K is passive action. Training for and running it is massive action. Having an idea for a book is passive action. Writing the book is massive action. You get the idea.

Many of us start chasing a goal without considering the entire cost. I have had clients who sign up to coach with me because they want to gain confidence or overcome their Imposter Syndrome, but when they see the work, the massive action, that is required to reach the goal, they give up the first time they don’t succeed. That’s not the way a fulfilling life works. Massive goals take massive action. When you hit your first roadblock, you know you’re on the right path! Massive action requires failing and fine-tuning and getting up and trying again. But the payoff is also massive and worth it! If you are ready to commit to taking massive action to get massive results, sign up with me today! I would love to help you get there. Until then, much love!

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