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An Abundant New Year

For the last few years, it has been popular to adopt a word for the upcoming year. It’s meant to be a word that will inspire you and move you forward. I’m not one to follow along with trends just because they’re trendy, but I do see some benefit to being reminded of a goal, so this year, I have decided to adopt “abundance” as my word for 2021.

I like this word because 2020 tried its best to drill a scarcity mindset into me last year. With the pandemic, the election, the tornado and bombing in Nashville, it would have been easy to close my curtains and hide inside.

Instead, I met 2020 at full speed! I became department chair at my university, I completed Life Coach School and opened my own coaching practice, I coached over a dozen women and helped them complete degrees, attain promotions, heal personal wounds, learn to love themselves and find self-worth, I paid off over $25,000 in debt, I started a blog and a podcast with one of my dearest coaching friends, and I stayed healthy. I set myself up for an abundant 2021!

This year, I will focus on being abundant with all of my resources. I will coach even more women, I will write and podcast more, I will give of myself to my wonderful family and all of my students and colleagues. I am so excited about all of the opportunities I will have to live in abundance.

I mentioned my word to someone the other day, and she replied, “All of that giving of yourself is going to be exhausting! You had better watch out or you’ll burn out and make yourself sick.” I smiled at her and explained why this year would be rejuvenating rather than exhausting.

You see, a scarcity mindset believes we must be careful with our resources because they are limited. If we give too much, there won’t be enough when we really need it, so we must always hold back something in reserve—a “rainy-day fund” if you will.

An abundance mindset knows that love is born from love. There’s an unending supply to give if we are giving from our abundance. I am not exhausted by my abundant giving; I am energized by it! In giving of myself, I have more to give, more to love, more to offer all of those around me.

No matter what your word might be for 2021, or even if you haven’t chosen a word, I encourage you to try abundant living. Meet 2021 at full speed. No matter what this year has to offer us, we can return it with our love, our hope, and our light for an abundant new year.

If you would like to work with me this year, I encourage you to sign up now for your free session at I also have free resources on the website for you to begin your journey to an even more abundant life than you have now. Much love to you all!

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