What would you accomplish with more self-worth?

Do you allow your negative self-talk to keep you on the sidelines of your life?

Have you let Imposter Syndrome stop you from moving forward?
Are you ready for a change?

You are here on my page because you’re searching, and I am so excited to help you get out of this rut and move forward!  Women are amazingly strong, adaptable creatures.  We respond / react to our immediate surroundings, our cultural ideologies, and sometimes we forget the strength that is deep within us to create our own destinies.  If you want to rediscover the strength within you, sign up for my weekly newsletter or a free coaching session below.  Together, we will expose the thoughts that are holding you back and keeping you small.  If you have big dreams and you are ready to live them, join this amazing community of women.  I love helping women just like you find their power within! Contact me to start living your amazing future today!

Coaching for Women Ready to Transform Their Careers & Relationships

You Have Everything You Need to Create the Life of Your Dreams; I Can Help

For professional women who dream of achieving more in your life and career, my coaching provides private sessions with a certified life coach that will empower you with the tools of self-discovery, unleashing your confidence so you can create a mindset that trades the fear of failure with the exhilaration of success.


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  • understand what is making you feel badly about your life

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Join the Flip the Script community so you can identify the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and charge forward into your bright future! I'll see you there! 

Life and Mindset Coach

Sonya Green

I am a high-achieving woman who earned a PhD while raising two small children and went on to have an amazing career teaching in universities on the East Coast and in the South. I chaired programs and departments, earned tenure, and loved showing students their capacity for growth.  BUT ...

During my career and even as a teen, I struggled with issues of self-worth and body image.  I knew I was smart enough, but I wasn't convinced I was worthy.  My Imposter Syndrome game was STRONG! I told myself I wasn't good enough and didn't deserve to have too much. At the same time, I kept trying to achieve more because I wanted to earn worthiness.  It was a hamster wheel I didn't know how to stop.


Now, I am a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach who works exclusively with high-achieving women struggling with Imposter Syndrome and issues of self-worth and self-confidence. I have learned that working on myself is a daily practice, and I want to share my knowledge with you so you can love yourself while achieving your goals.  You have an amazing capacity for growth, just like my students, and my courses and my coaching allow you to experience it!

If you want to get an idea of my style, sign up below for my free information "Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Imposter Syndrome" and listen to an episode of The Coaches' Cup podcast on iTunes.  You can also sign up here on the website for a FREE 30 minute coaching session.  All of these will give you an idea if you want to spend 8 weeks changing your life with me! 

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