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Ready to drop your
Imposter Syndrome for good?

I'm Sonya Green, and I coach women ready to drop their Imposter Syndrome for good.

There is a big difference in managing the stress and anxiety of Imposter Syndrome every day and learning how to drop it for good. 

Imposter syndrome leaves us drained and desiring invisibility, but it doesn't have to dominate your narrative. As someone who struggled with it for years, I've discovered the difference between managing my imposter syndrome and leaving it behind for good. Now, I empower women to unearth their genuine voices and race past the limits Imposter Syndrome placed on them. Join me on this journey to uncover and embrace your inner strength.


Schedule a free consultation or get my free guide "From Managing Your Imposter Syndrome to Dropping It for Good" to embark on your incredible transformation today!

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Are you ready to find out how amazing your career could be if you didn't struggle with Imposter Syndrome?

Let's go! 

For professional women who dream of achieving more in your life and career, my coaching provides private sessions with a certified life coach that will empower you with the tools of self-discovery, unleashing your confidence so you can create a mindset that trades the fear of failure with the exhilaration of success.

Sonya Green, PhD

Dr. Sonya Green brings over three decades of experience in academia, corporate management, and team training. With a background in teaching team-building and collaborative writing at universities across the South and Mid-Atlantic, she has also led teams within Fortune 500 companies and served as an academic department chair. Passionate about optimizing team performance, Sonya believes high-performing teams are essential for exceptional customer service, value creation, and revenue generation. Her dedication to unlocking teams' full potential is supported by her recognition for teaching and leadership excellence.

Despite her professional success, Sonya struggled with self-worth and Imposter Syndrome throughout her career, a journey that led her to become a certified Life and Career Coach. Through her coaching practice, she empowers high-achieving women to overcome Imposter Syndrome, secure promotions, and navigate career transitions with confidence. Sonya's coaching approach is informed by her personal experiences, offering clients transformative experiences aimed at cultivating self-love while achieving professional goals.

Combining academic expertise with personal insights, Sonya guides clients to recognize their inherent capacity for growth. Her coaching sessions and courses provide practical tools for women to embrace their worthiness and unlock their full potential. By leveraging her extensive experience and dedication to personal development, Sonya supports individuals and teams in driving tangible results and personal fulfillment. Reach out today to explore how Sonya can help you and your team thrive in both your professional and personal endeavors.

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Holly, AR

“Sonya was instrumental in helping me find clarity and a path forward through my imposter syndrome."

Morgan, NC

"I appreciated Sonya's willingness to force me to look inward for solutions. Her coaching to focus on the things that I can control not the things that others control was great. That helped me to recenter my thoughts and attitude."

Pam, MI

“Working with Sonya was nothing short of exceptional! I felt as if my time was valued and Sonya cared about my progress, both professionally and personally.”
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