How We Choose to Face the World

Recently, one of my clients came to me noticeably stressed and not in her usual good spirits. As we talked, she mentioned all of the things she had on her to-do list and how she had just been given an enormous new project at work with a very short deadline. Since it had been handed to her, she said she felt like she had just been spinning her wheels. I asked her what her plan was to complete the task. She mentioned a to-do list of action items, but no specific plan to accomplish them. She knew how to accomplish the project, but she was overwhelmed by all of the minute details and the short time frame and had gotten lost without a plan for how to proceed.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re a high-achieving woman, I bet it does! I’ve been in this same spot so many times! We often get caught up in the minutia of our lives and allow ourselves to indulge in the stress of the situation. Indulge, you a